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Watch TV Now on So Player With Online IPTV Pro

Online IPTV Pro can be downloaded to most all streaming devices. 

SoPlayer App SOTV IPTV Provider

Download Online IPTV Pro Now

Search for SoPlayer

Depending on your device, search for SoPlayer in your playstore, if it is not available in your playstore use the download link

Activate Your Device

Upon your order of a subscription from Online IPTV Pro you will be provided activation and login information. Use one of the device pin codes or username/password to login to SoPlayer

Watch TV!

After you have SoPlayer downloaded and you activate your devices, now enjoy the best IPTV service of 2020!

Soplayer on Android Devices 

This Video explains how to download the SoPlayer app on any android device. 

Android TV Boxes

Sony Android TV

Android Phone

Download SoPlayer on Amazon Fire TV 

First make sure that you have went to settings>devices>developer options and make sure that “Apps from Unknown Sources” is turned on 

Go to the home screen on your home device by pushing the house on your remote and search for the app “downloader”. Download and install this app. Once you have this app downloaded, open it and go to setting to make sure javascript is enabled. Once that is enable, put in the link . This will prompt your amazon firestick to start downloading the SoPlayer app. When the app is installed, open it and put in your credentials that were provided upon purchase of your subscription. Either enter your pin code or username/password along with the Provider ID and start watching television immediately.

downloading soplay on mac device soplayer on windows computer


Soplayer on Computer (Mac/PC) 

Watch The Video to install SoPlay on your Mac or PC Computer. 


Go To Your Browser (Safari, Google Chrome,Internet Explorer) and enter the link accordingly:

For Mac:

For PC:

When the link is entered in this browser the app should start downloading to your computer. Open the file when it has finished downloading and put in your login details.  

Other Devices The SoPlayer App Works On

LG Smart TV

soplayer on lg smart tv

SoPlayer can also be loaded on your LG Smart TV by going to the LG app store.

Samsung Smart TV

sotv iptv on samsung smart tv

On your Samsung app store, search for “SoPlayer” and download the app.


MAG Devices

mag device online iptv pro soplay

The Portal for your MAG Device is 

Once this portal is loaded, the client should be prompted to a login screen where they can use their credentials to login to the Soplayer App